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BattleTac Short Intro

Overwatch | App & Hardware Walkthrough (now Battlemap)

This product is now called Battlemap. See for release dates and announcements. A walk-through of the Overwatch app and hardware. Website:

Objective Box Airsoft App Review

Huge thanks to Tye Campbell of Objective Box for giving us the opportunity to play with his sweet toy! The Objective Box is an App that allows you to organize airsoft games AND play the game...

Battle Tac version1.13

This was a project I did for my Elements II class. It was originally supposed to depict sort of a retro sci-fi battlefield command interface but turned more into a sci-fi sort of game interface,...

Honest Guys Overview - Protech Airsoft Bluetooth Manager App - Deterring Cheaters

Anthony is in the studio today with Andrew from Protech Airsoft, giving you guys another first hand look and overview of the Protech Bluetooth Manager App, that will link directly with the...


Testing the Battle Tac Commander at D-Day Adventure Park. As always we had a great time on the field. Working out some of the bugs but it appears to work well.

Airsoft app: Airsoft Soldier Statistics app for Android de devices

The app's link to Google Play: Airsoft Soldier Statistics....

aisoft battle TAC

La TAC vous présente la premiere battle sur cette map.

PES Technology Preview

Personal Eye System, technology preview usage scenario. For more information about PES, please visit You can grab PES application directly from Google Play:https://play...

Battletac: Augmented Reality Cam

Battletac scenario paintball GPS using augmented reality cam for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Battletac is a free webapp and the augmented reality cam uses an app called Layar in combination with...

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