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BattleTac airsoft

4.99 usd

BattleTac provides real-time GPS tracking, instant messaging and navigation on the airsoft / paintball milsim battlefield. Using BattleTac you will always know where your comrades are and what they are doing. Get this essential information, make good tactical decisions and be victorious!
- Live GPS tracking of combat units: APP-6A / MIL-STD-2525 compatible blue force tracking.- Target command delivery - you can easily send commands to your units like "go to that location" or "go and meet unit Whiskey". - Battlefield navigation - if you have a target, the system helps you hit it. - Instant messaging, textual command and report delivery - you can send out texts like "attack in 30 s" or "see 3 enemy 100 m N".- Heads Up Display- MGRS coordinates. - You can create and share your own map using our website. - Available on other platforms for easy cooperate, even runs on your laptop. 7950386b46